Wednesday, May 19, 2010


Dr Din message:

You can do the hardcover anywhere, as long as it is according to the spec of ssmp, please refer to last year thesis for format and color.

Info shared by: Jian Ming,17May 2010

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

VIVA changes...

It seems there are a few changes for the VIVA (on Monday, 10 May 2010).
Please check it out at the SSMP notice.

By: Jian Ming

Appreciation and Farewell Dinner ???!!!

Appreciation and Farewell dinner seem met a few problems:

  1. No response from you all whether want or not
  2. No people want to get involve in organizing or planning as all just want to be a participant only

Hence, the Dinner seems to be canceled at this point until the point anyone interested to involve in organizing or planning, then we still have a week to plan or make a plan. Please response through sms or Facebook,SSMP HN2006 group or even comment in this post.

Actually, a Appreciation and Farewell Dinner is important as it 'ends' our University and SSMP beautifully and to show gratitude towards all the lecturers, staff and all our friends.
Think again and take action now!

By: Jian Ming, 12 May 2010

Graduation Magazine Distribution during 12nd Conva

SSMP friends,

Due to the facts that:

The complete personal data collection still lacking of around 30 person
The payment of the RM 20 is not completed

Hence the Rojak '10 Graduation Magazine will be distribute out during our 12nd Convocation.

Besides, anyone that have not sent their complete personal detail to, please do so IMMEDIATELY.

And anyone that have pay the RM 10 as deposit, please pay the rest of RM 20 to Whee Sim(food science), Kar Yen (food tech) IMMEDIATELY also.

Thanks a lot and all the best!

By: Jian Ming, 12 May 2010

Correction of email address for Dr Yasmin

Dr Yasmin said:

"The email address attached to the CAM email is wrong. The correct email address are like below:

People can send me emails using either addresses.

To date, I've received about 5 responses. Thanks very much once again.

Best wishes,
yasmin "

Please take note and thanks.

By: Jian Ming, 12 May 2010

Graduation Application

Students may apply for graduation through SMP portal.
Application for Convocation 12 begins from 4th May 2010, and
Application due date is 31st May 2010.

Please spread the news among all the soon-to-be-graduating-friends(not just our school) and fill in the form now in your SMP!!!

By: Jian Ming, 12 May 2010, 23.02

Thesis Hardcover?!

SSMP friends,

Since we started our VIVA, the next step it seem to be do correction and make into hard cover.
However, the hardcover thing, until today still do not have certain answer.

As today i heard from my friends some said that En Musa said must give him to do the hardcover and the hardcover changed colour.Hence, I myself just ask for confirmation about what the colour and etc from Dr Din, he said will come out a memo or notice in this two days. However, he said, we can do it on our own at the shop outside or give to En Musa.

So everything still not confirm. Wait till the memo out.

Thanks and please inform others.

By: Jian Ming, 12 May 2010.

Monday, May 10, 2010

VIVA date and some...

We all may refer to notice board in SSMP for VIVA Schedule and the format.
The VIVA will be conducted from 12 May 2010 (Wednesday) until 15 May 2010 (Saturday).

Besides, information from Dr Din was that we need to print out a copy of the thesis for our own reference during VIVA as maybe the examiners will ask us to refer to what page and ask the questions.

Please take note and inform others about it.

All the best for VIVA!!!

By: Jian Ming

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Quality Control Officer cum R&D

A job vacancy shared by Ms Ho Ai Ling through Dr Yasmin:

Fresh graduates are encouraged to apply.

We are the well established Food Manufacturing & Trading Company based in Cemerlang would like to search for suitable candidates to fill the following posts:

Quality Control Officer cum R&D


  • Implementing, monitoring and audit on Kosher, Halal, GMP and HACCP regulations related matters and to safeguard the certifications
  • To prepare of training material and provide in-house training.
  • To perform the in-coming, in-process and out-going inspection process as to ensure conformance to the quality system or product specifications and improving existing products’ quality.
  • To perform the in-coming, in-process and out-going inspection process as to ensure conformance to the quality system or product specifications.
  • Trouble shooting on QC issues and recommends viable solutions for any QC related issues.
  • To report on daily activities and perform any other duties as Management may require from time to time, general correspondence duties and errand at when assigned.


  • Candidate must possess at least a Bachelor's Diploma or Bachelor's Degree in Food Technology, Food Science or equivalent.
  • Required skill(s): MS Office, fast learner, posses own transport.
  • Required language(s): Bahasa Malaysia, Chinese, English
  • At least 2 years of working experience in Manufacturing in Food Industry.
  • Willing to Learn, motivated on self improvement and skill enhancement.
  • A good team player, proactive, initiative and able undertakes challenge assignment.
  • Demonstrate initiative and commitment to work under minimal supervision.
  • Well-versed in internal audit, GMP, HACCP, HALAL and Kosher / requirements will be added advantage.

Interested candidates are invited to write or fax or email with detailed resume stating current and expected salary, contact number and recent passport-sized photograph (n.r.) to the following address:

VK Creative Aromatics Sdn Bhd

No.2 & 4, Jalan Mahir 4,

Taman Perindustrian Cemerlang,

81800 Ulu Tiram, Johor

Tel: 07-863 2011, H/P: 019710 8163 019710 8163, 019 736 8163 019 736 8163 Fax: 07-861 9008


Thanks & Best Regards,

~ Janice Tey~28-Apr-2010 @ 15:20pm

Monday, May 3, 2010

VIVA and nameless Food Engineering tutorials

VIVA schedule should be post on the notice board by today as told by Dr Din last week.

Besides, food tech students, please find me tomorrow as in my hand, i have two tutorial (Tutorial 1 and tutorial 4) that without name. Dekan would like to know it is belonged to who as he need to key in the marks.


By: Jian Ming, 3 May 2010

Contribution of Articles, photos...for the Rojak '10

Graduation Magazine content will seem lack of something if lacking of contribution from you all.

What kind of contribution needed:

1. SSMP life photo
2. Some essay
3. Some art/ creation like drawing, poem...
4. Some etc
5. Anything you think we should put in the magazine

*Any things you want to contribute and Photo starting from year 2006 till now is most wanted, please pass to any of the Graduation Magazine producers or send as email to Latest by 5 May 2010 (Wed).

Currently just received 1 IP photo, articles from Alvin, TJ, Hwee Peng only.
It is a win win situation as you can get free of charge for your publication, the Graduation Magazine have more content to shares.

Thanks and really looking forward to your contribution.

By: Jian Min, 3 May 2010

Personal details from you all for Rojak '10 (again)

Rojak '10 Graduation Magazine Personal details already being collected for a few time, with different methods (in class key in, through blog, through email and etc). However, there are still a lot of people still have not give their details...

Hence, please do give the following details to put inside the graduation magazine.
It is how we keep in touch in future!

Hope no matter you did fill in the form in class before or not, please do send email to again with the details below.

The details needed:

1. Full Name:
2. Chinese name:
3. Nick name/nama panggilan (eg: Ah Beng, Siti, Lennon etc):
4. Puak (eg: Dusun, Hokkian, hakka etc):
5. Date of Birth (dd/mm/yyyy):
6. Matrix number:
7. Kolej Kediaman:
8. Handphone no. :
9. Home phone no:
10. Email address:
11. Facebook:
12. Instant message (MSN, Yahoo, etc)
13. Personal webpage (Blog etc)
14. Home address/permanent address:
15. Message/ wishing (wish all people stay healty and success in life) :
16. Food tech or food science

Please do email to the before 5 May 2010.
We need the details to complete the Rojak '10 Graduation Magazine!

By: Jian Ming, 3 May 2010

Save the earth....

Suggestion event to save the earth by Yen Voon:

Most of us are going to leave this beautiful University, beautiful Sabah soon. We cannot bring back everything, except memories. So why not we 3R (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) those stuff cannot be brought back?

Recently, we can feel the weather is getting hotter and hotter, climate change faster than our imagination, disasters had killed million or even billion of lives in past few years. This could happen to us or our love one, may be, one day. Save the Mother Earth is the responsibility of young generation in 21st century. Prevent global warming before it is too late.

We invite all of you bring any recyclable things to the suggestion date to SSMP on 15 May 2010, Saturday. 8am to 12pm. We need volunteers, support from you. We make this as our last beautiful memories as in 4 years of SSMP life, University Life. Thank you.

Please comment on this suggested Save Earth Activity.

By: Yen Voon, 3 May 2010

Payment for the graduation magazine...

After collecting RM 10 as the deposit for graduation magazine, we hope to collect the other part of the payment of RM 20 by tomorrow during or after the group photo session.

Please pay to Whee Sim for Food Science friends
and pay to Kar Yen for Food Tech friends

Just for your information, currently, there are 68 food tech friends and >80 food science friends buying the Rojak '10 Graduation Magazine.

By: Jian Ming, 3 May 2010

Retake some people personal photo for the Rojak '10

Since there are a few personal photos that we took during last time session are blur or not in good quality even after photoshop, we hope to take the photos again for those people after the group photo session.

We hope to have the best quality of the personal photo for the graduation magazine as we will remember how you look like in 10 or 20 years time by flip through the graduation magazine, Rojak '10.

The name will be announced during the group photo session.


By: Jian Ming, 3 May 2010